The Danish National Art Library

Søg om tilladelse til fotografering / filmoptagelse af materialer i Danmarks Kunstbibliotek

Guidelines Danmarks Kunstbibliotek / Danish National Art Library

There is one precondition for reproduction in the context of a publication:

Failure to meet these obligations entitles the Library to charge a fee of 750 DKK for each incorrectly credited illustration.

In Danish law Danmarks Kunstbibliotek owns and maintains the copyright on all reproductions of materials in its collections.

By “materials” the following are meant:

unica, such as drawings and paintings
graphic or photographic representations, of human, buildings, interiors or works of art.

Copyright and other rights holders

The reproduction of a photograph of a work of art in a public or private collection does not in general demand separate permission from a third party (e.g. the museum, which owns the reproduced original) – when it is simply, expressly, and in accordance with the guidelines laid down below stated, that it is the graphic or photographic presentation in the collections of Danmarks Kunstbibliotek which is reproduced. In cases where, under the 70 year copyright rule there are artists who also have rights to materials in the Library’s collections, the permission for reproduction presupposes that the person who applies obtains supplementary written permission for reproduction from the copyright holder or their heirs. Such permission can typically be obtained by applying to Copydan.

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